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Exploring Partnership Potential

If you're looking to add real value to your memberships, start by offering your associates a convenient and affordable advocate for their Medicare and healthcare insurance needs. Senior Health Direct advisors are experts in Medicare and "Obamacare", relaying their expertise to all of our clients nationwide. We work with almost every carrier, so we have the ability to choose which plans and rates are the best for our clients and we don't play favorites with insurance providers. Simply put, the best plan for you is the best for us.


Types of Groups We Partner With

Every group deserves better benefits for their members. Whether you're a company seeking to cut down on expenses but still provide outstanding benefits, a human resources/benefits administration firm looking to further extend your revenue stream, or an association wanting to provide a useful resource to members, Senior Health Direct has what you need. Every group we work with gets a unique approach because we know there are no two groups alike. This individualized process allows us to customize the best coverage and price for your members. We help you fulfill your mission and provide a resource that keeps on giving.